Your Opinion is Wrong

If you know me you know I am a Hip-Hop head, with VERY strong opinions and I love to argue/debate. A while back I came across a book that is a MUST HAVE if you claim to be a Hip-Hop Head, Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists. It has lists ranging from Top 25 songs from 1996 to DJ Mister Cee naming “The Top 10 Best Ways For DJs To Get Ass” (this was published in 1999, and that last list takes on a whole new meaning now that we know Mister Cee buys Mangina). So on Tuesdays, in the spirit of that book I will be listing a Top ten every week, won’t always be rap related, (Heck my favorite show my wife hates to see me watch is the NFLs Top Ten) but there will always be a top ten. Today I randomly decided to do my top…

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